Hyper-realistic Oil Paintings By Patrick Kramer

Without a doubt, to be a good artist, you need talent and commitment to excellence. The clarity and attention to detail make pictures of some painters simply phenomenal. Talented artists Patrick Kramer and his fascinating photo-realistic paintings dazzle the art world. At the first glance, you would not believe that these are paintings.

Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings By Patrick Kramer1. “optimist.” On the question: “Why paint when you can take a photo?”, The artist Patrick Kramer said that his paintings have a soul that is missing in most shots. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

According to boredpanda.com Patrick Kramer said “Being a perfectionist, I have always been considering art as an outlet for my slightly obsessive personality. I studied painting in college, and experimented with hyper realism as a way of perfecting my craft. I never intended to pursue the style, but found it hard to give up, as it suited my nature”. Painting full-time, a piece can take anywhere from 1 – 6 weeks (50 – 300 hours) which depends on the size and complexity.

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-022. “Perseverance / futility.” Photo transmit the image, but they do not have the depth and soul, which is inherent in the work, made with his own hands – so says the artist. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-033. “Measuring value”. For the author of these beautiful paintings is its depth and the soul are of paramount importance. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-044. “Anna”. Create a picture takes time, concentration, patience, and above all the artistic sense. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-055. “The Last Leaf, the first snow.” Only pictures can convey the depth of feeling of the artist to the audience. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-066. “Three glasses”. By creating his paintings, the artist hopes that we will see these minor differences between photographs and paintings. It’s like to see the difference between something temporal and the eternal, universal and unique, anonymous and personal. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-077. “Pink Flower”. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-088. “I do not swim.” (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-099. “Studio B”. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-1010. “Maintenance”. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyper-realistic-painting-of-Patrick-Cramer-1111. «Desert Skyscape III». (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings By Patrick Kramer12. More amazing pictures of Patrick Kramer can be viewed on his website – patrickkramerart.com. (Photo: Patrick Kramer).

Soruce — boredpanda


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