Artwork Created in Microsoft Paint By Miranda Lorikeet

Who does not remember ?, Microsoft Paint software that we used to spend many boring days while we drew the same lines, circles and squares trying to create a doodle that rarely we kept on the computer.

In this age, where most digital artists, illustrators and amateurs use advanced software like Illustrator, Photoshop or Corel to make their drawings, there is someone who does not even leave this prehistoric program, to make their creations. This is Miranda Lorikeet , better known as  Lazy Bones Illustration a human resources assistant 25 years of age, based in Sydney, Australia, who fully exploited the limited tools Paint, managing to create wonderful illustrations of colorful landscapes and surreal .

Lorikeet works with photographs as references, choose color palette and draw the outline of the image before filling colors. The result in his work is definitely amazing, exceeding all expectations of what this basic graphic software can do. Enjoy!

ARTWORK CREATED IN MICROSOFT PAINT BY MIRANDA LORIKEET Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-02 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-03 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-04 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-05 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-06 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-07 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-08 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-09 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-10 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-11 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-12 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-13 Artwork-Created-in-Microsoft-Paint-By-Miranda-Lorikeet-14 ARTWORK CREATED IN MICROSOFT PAINT BY MIRANDA LORIKEETSource — designtaxi

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