Animal Bones Carved with Abstract Patterns By Jason Borders

The artist Jason Borders , who currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon, has created an impressive series entitled “Bones – Bones” in carving animal bones, mostly skulls with abstract patterns whose designs do not plan, he said, are the result of repetition, rhythm and consistency.


Animal Bones Carved with Abstract Patterns By Jason BordersJason describes his project:

My job is a form of self-hypnosis. It is a way to turn off the cognitive thinking and just react. It is very meditative. It is escapism, but in a sense a little, is a form of hyper-existence purely in the moment. In this way, work becomes a method of overcoming fears. That said, much of what I do involves a familiarity with death. My belief is that, as painful as it may be, looking death directly helps to live your life with purpose and intent. In this sense, the work I do goes into a place where the lines between life, death, fantasy and reality are blurred.

Meet more of his work at:


Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-03 Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-04 Ram

Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-05 Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-06Ram Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-07 Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-08Bull

Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-09 Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-10


Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-11 Animal-Bones-Carved-with-Abstract-Patterns-By-Jason-Borders-12


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