Inside an ice cave under a volcano in Kamchatka

Photo-show of an ice cave surreal appearance on the peninsula of Kamchatka , in Russia, which has been formed by a stream of water flowing from the hot springs emanating from the volcano Mutnovsky . This current flows under the glacier ice on the flanks of the volcano and, because the glaciers of Kamchatka’s volcanoes have been melting in recent years, the roof of this cave has become so thin that sunlight penetrates, strangely illuminating yet beautiful ice structures inside.

Inside an ice cave under a volcano in Kamchatka

Kamchatka Peninsula, with the size of Germany and a population which is less than half a million people, is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world, with around 160 volcanoes, 29 of them still active; and frequently several volcanoes erupt at the same time, being a border land between two continents, where they collide the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate.

Their discovery is the work of a European geonauts, called Florian, Martin and Marc, and occurred during last summer; of course, there was a relatively high risk that these ice caves collapsed and collapsed on their heads, but no doubt that the pressure with a scene of light and unique in the world ice reward. This team of geologists visited volcanoes Kliuchevskoi , Bezymianny, Shiveluch and Mutnovsky. And also the “mountain of fire” Tolbachik , the largest volcano in Kamchatka, which just erupted for the first time in 36 years just days after these adventurous travel along it, on 28 November. The eruption was preceded by a swarm of over 250 earthquakes a day, some severe that surely would have ended with this beautiful ice cave and its Visitors, having met in still blinded by beauty.

Fascinating-play-of-light-in-a-cave-beneath-the-volcanoes-of-Kamchatka-02 Fascinating-play-of-light-in-a-cave-beneath-the-volcanoes-of-Kamchatka-03 Fascinating-play-of-light-in-a-cave-beneath-the-volcanoes-of-Kamchatka-04 Fascinating-play-of-light-in-a-cave-beneath-the-volcanoes-of-Kamchatka-05 Fascinating-play-of-light-in-a-cave-beneath-the-volcanoes-of-Kamchatka-06The  Tolbachik  eruption last November 28

Fascinating-play-of-light-in-a-cave-beneath-the-volcanoes-of-Kamchatka-07 Inside an ice cave under a volcano in KamchatkaSource & Photos — Vulkane Via — Pravda TV


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