Architectural designs by Photographer Filip Dujardin

The Belgian Photographer Filip Dujardin designs architectural wonders in the digital realm. He began as a professional architectural photographer before turning to design in 2007, creating virtual buildings using Google SketchUp—a 3D modeling tool—and Photoshop. At first glance, Dujardin’s photographs of buildings seem almost ordinary, though highly modern, only revealing their structural implausibility upon close examination. He ignores the laws of physics, defying gravity and material, to create exquisite architectural compositions.

Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-05

Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-06 Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-07 Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-08 Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-09 Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-10 Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-11 Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-12 Architectural-Designs-by-Filip Dujardin-13 Beyond Architecture Architectural designs by Photographer Filip Dujardin Source —  Artspace

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