Scary Clowns Portraits By Eolo Perfido

 What we are associated clowns? Of course, though, with a good and harmless humor, laughing children and adults, the brightness of the characters and his clothes. However, the imagination of the author of the photo project “Clownville” demonstrates clowns in a different light, so terrible, that the skin of untrained and very impressionable viewers can shiver. So, get acquainted – the photographer Eolo Perfido and scary clowns, looks more like a homicidal maniacs than good and funny dyadechek in dressed in clown outfits.

Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-14Working on these images, Eolo drew inspiration from the masters of silent film – Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, who without a word, through their emotions and facial expressions to express their thoughts. The same principle is laid down in their respective countries and our extraordinary portraits photographer, sometimes bringing borrowed the line to the point of absurdity. [Facebook]

Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-15 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-16 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-17 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-13 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-12 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-11 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-10 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-09 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-08 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-03 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-04 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-05 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-06 Scary-Clowns-Portraits-By-Eolo-Perfido-07 Scary Clowns Portraits By Eolo Perfido Scary Clowns Portraits By Eolo PerfidoSource — LaughingSquid


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