Photo project by photographer Pieter Hugo

The famous South American photographer Pieter Hugo, was born in the capital of South Africa, Cape Town. Since its formation in the way of professional photography, Hugo prefers portrait work, as well as documentary, through which tells kuliurnom diversity of African ethnic groups. One of the most famous photo projects of the author called “Hyenas and other people”, thanks to which even Hugo received the highest award in the photo contest World Press Photo in 2005, in the category “Portrait.”

Photo project by photographer Pieter HugoAll these works were made during his trip to Nigeria, where, as it turned out, the local people are not averse to contain absolutely exotic pets – monkeys, cheetahs and even hyenas.

Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-02 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-03 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-04 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-05 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-06 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-07 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-08 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-09 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-10 Photo-project-by-photographer-Pieter-Hugo-11Source — Face2facethemagazine | Statoil

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