Dancers Among Us by Jordan Matter

Dancers Among Us, A unique photographic project, sponsored by the photographer Jordan Matter. The first shots in which the main characters are street dancers and dancers have been made in 2009 and over the years has been repeatedly updated, as experts from the art and the audience took the works of Jordan on “hurray” lifted to the rank of bestseller photos.

Dancers Among Us a unique photographic project by Jordan MetterMain storyline develops these beautiful works on the streets of the city, where in the midst of the everyday bustle of thousands of passers-by and cars, young dancers challenge, making amazing pirouettes and dance steps, in spite of the gray weekdays, boredom and monotony! [Facebook]

Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-02 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-03 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-04 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-05 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-06 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-07 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-08 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-09 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-10 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-11 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-12 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-13 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-14 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-15 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-16 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-17 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-18 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-19 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-20 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-21 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-22 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-23 Dancers-among-us-By-Jordan-Metter-24 Dancers Among Us a unique photographic project by Jordan MetterSource — Jordan Metter | Dancers Among Us | Facebook

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