Cristina Otero Juicy Self-Portrait Series | Tutti Frutty

Cristina Otero is a 16 year old, extremely creative photographer from Spain who has created her very tasty self-portrait series called: Tutti Frutty. Ever since she understood the wonders of Photoshop, she very smartly combined it with her creative and unique make-up skills. She has been sharing her art work on Deviant Art and Flickr for quite a while now and has managed to gather quite an impressive following. It is refreshing to see young artists not only creating wonderful artwork but also opening up to the their fans, rather than pretentiously hiding in solitude.

Cristina Otero Self Portraits Tutti Frutti Work Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-02 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-03 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-04 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-05 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-06 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-07 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-08 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-09 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-10 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-11 Tutti-Frutti-Self-Portraits-by-Cristina-Otero-12Source — E-junkie


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