The Five Most Expensive Apartments in the World

When the United States experienced an era of “Roaring Twenties”, in New York, a slight movement of thought the idea that life on the top floor of a skyscraper – it is an indispensable attribute of success. And now, almost 100 years, similar apartments around the world are not simply a synonym for boundless security, but also the most expensive apartment that you can imagine. The biggest of the penthouses can occupy an area of ​​hundreds and even thousands of square meters, have a private elevator, terraces and even private pools on the roof. Such housing is ready to easily compete with the houses and mansions of its value, and according to the degree of comfort and amenity possible to easily give odds to any five-star hotel. Prices are also relevant – such apartments can cost their owners hundreds of millions of dollars. We found five of the most expensive apartments of the world and seeing what they are ready to surprise their customers and how much they have to pay.


One57 Penthouse

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-02City: New York
Price: 100.5 million dollars

One57 skyscraper is one of the hottest projects in Manhattan, and therefore where, if not here, to be the most expensive of the already purchased penthouses in New York, which at the end of December 2014 bought a gift to a stranger.

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-03Now in possession of this mysterious figure there are two floors of living space with a total area more than 1,000 square meters, where in addition to the six bedrooms and a phenomenal kind of Central Park is a living room for noisy receptions width of 17 meters, as well as glazed garden and swimming pool where you can relax from the hustle city.

CitySpire Penthouse

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-04City: New York
Price: $ 100 million

This penthouse occupied the entire floor of the last three of seventy-five. Whether you are the owner, offers would be provided by a private elevator takes you to meet six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a dining room with 20 seats, conference room, media center, and even the gallery – not bad for a 475-square-meter, right?

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-05But it’s only 73 minutes and 74 th floors, while the latter – only your private space. Also available is a floor host of additional staff and a wine cellar for 1000 bottles.

Pierre Hotel Penthouse

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-06City: New York
Price: $ 125 million

Modesty facade of this hotel is very misleading – it just rolls in a penthouse luxury. You will understand once private lift will carry you through the 38 floors and landed on the 39th. As in the case of the penthouse in CitySpire, penthouse Pierre Hotel – it’s three floors, combining his design of a modern design and luxury are signs that the rest of the hotel keeps to the 1930s. The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-07Agree, this price is justified, when you have 16 bedrooms, six bathrooms, four kitchens and four fireplaces – sitting in front of any of them in the chair, you can feel like a real aristocrat. If you still think that the game is not worth the trouble, it’s only because you have not heard about a Swedish sauna and a breathtaking panoramic view of Central Park, the Hudson River and the East River.

One Hyde Park Penthouse

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-08City: London
Price: $ 200 million

Superiority of New York in the number of penthouses is undeniable, but in search of the most expensive luxury housing we go to another metropolis – London. One Hyde Park Residence includes not one but four high-rise buildings, each of which is crowned by a penthouse duplex. Conditions in each sample: almost 1600 square meters with five bedrooms, two rooms, a gym and round the clock maid. The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-09The options in the form of a personal underground route to the restaurant and Heston Blumental room for tasting wines are perceived as self-evident. With all this, I want to feel safe, and this is more than capable of providing the British commandos from the Special Air Service in general and the bulletproof glass in particular.

Sky Penthouse

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-10City: Monaco
Price: 387 million dollars

If you own the keys of this penthouse, you automatically take a man pertaining to the royal family or the transnational business – representatives of both observed in Monaco in abundance. Nearly $ 400 million – is not just the most expensive apartment, and basically one of the most expensive real estate in the world. Looking out the window, you will open a bright view of the Larvotto beach, Ligurian Sea (in the shores of which, presumably, is your yacht) himself Monaco – all at a glance. Also in the penthouse, there are six bedrooms with balconies, from where you can see the Mediterranean Sea.

The-five-most-expensive-apartments-in-the-world-11Now turn the view on the roof and tremble – a wave of adrenaline you covered at the thought of how you move out to the mound in this huge transparent – almost invisible – the pool! But always comes a moment when it is time to remember that you own 3,000 square meters of housing in marble, bronze and wood, where he spent the next party – more by inertia than for pleasure. But what to do – these celestial routine.

Source — Trendymen


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