Artistic Sculptures of the Keys and Coins

Australian Michael Moerkerk began his career in a sufficiently simple spheres and balloons, which are created from discarded keys. Over time, the author increasingly involved imagination and come up with more complex work. This gave rise to the discovery of their own page in a department store Etsy, where sculptures Michael Moerkerk, known here as Moerkey, are extremely popular. Australian Masters Collection is now enriched with bottles of unusual shapes, different glasses and bowls. Mark studied decorative soldering only once, and it was almost thirty years ago. All subsequent knowledge he acquired through the video service YouTube. [Source]

Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-01Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-02 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-03 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-04 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-05 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-06 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-07 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-08 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-09 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-10 Sculptures-of-the-keys-and-coins-11 Key and Coin Sculptures by Moerkey

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