An Amazing Color of Garbage by Alejandro Duran, Washed Up

Sian Ka’an – a unique biosphere reserve, located along the Caribbean coast of Mexico, however, going past the currents bring to the shores of this paradise garbage from all over the world. New York artist Alejandro Duran collects the garbage and it creates an amazing color of scenery in order to “show the tension between nature and man over the developed world.” The project is called “Washed Up.” Duran says that while exploring the reserve collided with debris from 50 countries from six different continents. Some frames debris depicted as it might leave wave somewhere obvious that the artist himself composition. In all cases, however, the promise is clear: “The photo project shows a new form of colonization – consumerism, where even the land untouched by man is not immune to the adverse effects of the disposable culture.”April 22 in New York opened the exhibition of the project.

Artist-Alejandro-Duran site-specifci-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-02 site-specifci-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-03 site-specific-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-04 site-specific-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-05 site-specific-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-06 site-specific-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-07 site-specific-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-08 site-specifci-sculptures-Alejandro-Duran-09Source — Bigpicture

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