Panorama Cityscape in the works of the photographer GHOsT RiDer

GOst RiDr is the alias by which this person goes by. He is a stunning cityscape and night shot photographer based in Dubai, UAE. Most of the photographs have been taken from a height to they qualify as aerial photographs. The nightlife of Dubai as it shows the vibrant and ecstatic place bursting with life at night. It is hard to know how lively a city is in the morning from a high above vantage point – at night, not so difficult. [source Photos]

 Dubai Cityscape from Gost Ridr - a photographer based in Dubai, United Arab EmiratesPhotographer-GOst-RiDr-2 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-3 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-4 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-5 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-6 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-7 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-8 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-9 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-10 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-11 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-12 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-13 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-14 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-15 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-16 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-17 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-18 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-19 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-20 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-21 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-22 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-23 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-24 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-25 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-26 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-27 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-28 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-29 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-30 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-31 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-32 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-33 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-34 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-35 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-36 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-37 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-38 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-39 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-40 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-41 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-42 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-43 Photographer-GOst-RiDr-44

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