Life inside the aircraft Boeing 724

Bruce Campbell loves airplanes, so that even live in one of them. To purchase ordinary housing it took $ 100,000. This situation reminded string song from the movie “The Bremen Town Musicians”. The sum of 100 thousand dollars, Bruce was not limited. He had to add another $ 17,000 (transport aircraft to the place of residence), $ 20,000 (land rent), $ 21,600 for having removed the wings and tail, $ 25,000 (installed in place of permanent residence). The project turned out a total area o1066 square meters. The cockpit is a library, inside the aircraft designers have worked well, everything looks modern and interesting. The highlight was the glass floor through which you can see all the details are at the bottom of the aircraft. The cargo compartment is used as a storeroom in the fuel tanks stored water reserves. [source, source 2]

Bruce Campbell, The Bremen Town Musicians Life-inside-the-aircraft-Boeing-724-25 Life-inside-the-aircraft-Boeing-724-26 Life-inside-the-aircraft-Boeing-724-27 Life-inside-the-aircraft-Boeing-724-28 Life-inside-the-aircraft-Boeing-724-29 Life-inside-the-aircraft-Boeing-724-30 Bruce Campbell, The Bremen Town Musicians

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