Great Photo manipulation works by Christophe Gilbert

Photo manipulations are fun to create and fun to look at. Christophe Gilbert is the Belgian talented advertising photograph and retoucher. In latest 80-s Christophe was working as an assistant of photographer, that specialized on automobiles. He says that idea is the main thing in photography. He calls himself a perfectionist and perpetual student. As a self-described detail-maniac freak, Christophe Gilbert truly believe that small details can make a huge difference. Looking through his amazing portfolio of work, we’re left speechless by the way he can manipulate liquids like paint and water. Wonderfully witty as well as cool, Gilbert’s work rises above the rest with its distinct and clever style. Christophe’s impressive client list includes Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Playstation, and LG Electronics among others. i hope you like advertisement photo manipulations. [Facebook]

Photo manipulations by Christophe Gilbert Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-02 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-03 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-04 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-05 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-06 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-07 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-08 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-09 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-10 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-11 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-12 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-13 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-14 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-15 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-16 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-17 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-18 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-19 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-20 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-21 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-22 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-23 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-24 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-25 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-26 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-27 Photomanipulyator-Christophe-Gilbert-28


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