Magic of the symmetry of the Metro around the world

Amateur Photographer of Malaysia, Enig Hui, traveling around the world, loves to go down into the subway and make there photos that later, for some reason, always hunt to compare and find something in common.

The very same creator sees is the total specifically symmetry. Well, of course, in constant rush of passengers coming down and out of the subway. In his native Malaysia, Metro has only in the capital. As you are aware, the 1st Kuala Lumpur is not enough to complete the picture, and the palette of feelings. That’s down Enig Hui  in the metro in Paris, London, Tokyo, Prague and other cities to capture their amazing symmetry. Which we are at the moment with you, to share with pleasure.









symmetry-of-the-Metro-around-the-world-27 symmetry-of-the-Metro-around-the-world-26


Enig Hui on Flickr
Enig Hui on Tumblr

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